Senior Design Program


Senior Design is the pinnacle learning experience of an engineering student's undergraduate education. It is a year-long process during which students apply what they've learned under the mentorship of faculty and industry professionals. Students are presented with real-world engineering design challenges that have been provided by industry. The program culminates in the expo-style event, Senior Design Demonstration Day.

The Engineering and Technology Alumni Society (ETAS), and representatives from our industry partners attend and participate in the event. All students, parents, friends, staff, faculty and community members are invited to view presentations, celebrate the completion of these innovative projects.

Senior Design 2019-2020

Is your company facing a challenge that could be solved by a team of eager senior engineering students? Let NIU Senior Design team take on your challenge. The NIU CEET is in demand to solve real-world problems resulting in the creation of prototype products available for commercialization or the development of an industrial process improvement.

For a minor investment, your company gains the benefits of:

  • 40 state-of-the-art laboratories.
  • Industry-experienced faculty, distinguished experts in their fields.
  • A team of 3 seniors plus a graduate assistant and a faculty advisor.

Let us assemble a team that is tailored to your specific challenge, chosen from any combination of engineering disciplines including biomedical, electrical, engineering technology, mechanical and mechatronics.

Teams are being formed now for the fall 2019/spring 2020 academic year. Call us today: Gary Smith, director of outreach and diversity at or 815-742-7557.

Senior Design Partner Kit

2019 Senior Design Winners

First Place: Team 1 “Plastic Separation via Hydro-Cyclonic Methods,” which devised a way to automatically separate plastics for recycling. Kimberly McIntyre, Downers Grove; Gregory Solomon, Bartlett and Jacob Leeney, Waterman.

Second Place: Team 46 “Data Collection Device with Smart Phone App,” which devised a way to send data via Bluetooth that tells the sponsor company, Wahl Clipper, how their product is being used by consumers, streamlining the customer feedback and improvement loop. Matthew Kleszynski; Kristan Koeplin, Francesco Pascolini.

Third Place: Team 50 “Optical Image Tracking,” which has the capability to track and align objects within the software using a two-dimensional camera. Katelyn Zastrow, Laura Vogl, Amy Kofoed.

Honorable Mention: Team 8 “Asset Management System” project which helps sponsor Collins Aerospace to manage assets in its manufacturing facility. Jack Moore, Alex Jossendal, Aaron Cooling.

Honorable Mention: Team 28 “Real Flight Animation as a Learning Tool” that creates a flight simulator to help train airplane pilots in a safe setting. The project was developed with the assistance of pilot Kris Siuba of Ekolot America. Mike Hood, Matthew Gallagher, Manuel Badillo.

Honorable Mention: Team 29 “Design of a Three-Way Bypassing Valve to Divert Fuel in Test Stands” developed in cooperation with sponsor company Woodward, Inc. Arton Seferi, Kevin Mejia.