Federico Sciammarella, Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Mechanical Engineering


  • Ph.D. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology (2003)
  • M.S. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology (1998)
  • B.S. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology (1994)

Research Interests

  • Optical Methods (moiré, interferometry, holography) for characterization of materials and structures
  • Laser materials processing (i.e. additive manufacturing, welding, heat treating, etc.)

Selected Projects

  • Strategic Support for Laser-Based Manufacturing, National Science Foundation
  • Development and Validation of Physics-Based AM Models for Process Control and Quality Assurance, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Fabricating the Case Western thermal fatigue dunk test geometry via the LENS process with Ohio State University
  • Fabricating validation samples using laser-engineered net shaping (LENS) process with Northwestern University
  • Intraocular Ophthalmic Cutting Device with UIC
  • Irregular Titanium Powder Build Analysis, sponsored by Cristal Metals

Professional Associations and Honors

  • Flyde Electronics Prize: Best Paper in Strain Journal 2010
  • A.F. Davis Silver Medal Award from AWS for the paper submitted to the Welding Journal entitled “Cladding in Marine Applications Using High Power Direct Diode Laser” 2009
  • TMS Young Leader Professional Development Award (MPMD) 2007
  • R&D 100 in Electronics for Power Measurement Calorimetric System 2005 (team award)
  • R&D 100 in Process Technology for Automated Laser Cladding 2004 (team award)
  • Society of Experimental Mechanics (SEM), President of Optical Division in SEM 2003-2004
  • Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Internship Program of the National Academies Summer 2003

Selected Publications


  • Sciammarella C.A., Sciammarella F.M. , “Experimental Mechanics of Solids,” Wiley Publishing, April 2012

Book Chapters

  • Sciammarella C.A., Lamberti L., Sciammarella F.M., “Holography at the Nano Level with visible wavelengths,” Holography, Dr. E. Mihaylova (Ed.), ISBN: 980-953-307-769-2, Invited book chapter. InTech, 2012.
  • Sciammarella F.M., Sciammarella C.A., Lamberti L., “Processing of a HRTEM Image Pattern to Analyze an Edge Dislocation” Experimental Analysis of Nano and Engineering Materials and Structures, Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, Springer Netherlands, ISBN 978-1-4020-6238-4 (Print) 978-1-4020-6239-1 (Online), 2007

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Sciammarella F.M. “Moving Laser Research from the Lab to Industry,” Welding Journal, May, Vol. 91 Issue 5, pp. 50-53, 2012.
  • Sciammarella, C.A., Lamberti, L., Boccaccio, A., Sciammarella, F.M. High precision contouring with moiré and related methods: A review. STRAIN, Vol. 47 (SUPPL. 2), pp. 43-64, 2011.
  • Sciammarella, F.M., Sarangi, S., “Failure Analysis of a Crimping Mechanism,” Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention, Volume 10, Number 6, Pages 525-530, 2010.
  • Sciammarella, C.A., Lamberti, L., Sciammarella, F.M., Demelio, G.P., Dicuonzo, A., Boccaccio, A. “Application of plasmons to the determination of surface profile and contact strain distribution.” STRAIN, Vol. 46 (4), pp. 307-323, 2010. AWARDED AS BEST PAPER PUBLISHED IN STRAIN FOR THE YEAR 2010.
  • Malin, V. and Sciammarella, F.M., "Cladding in Marine Applications Using High Power Direct Diode Laser," Welding Journal, Sept. Vol 87 Number 8 pp 36-47, 2008.
  • Sciammarella C.A., Lamberti L. and Sciammarella F.M., " The Equivalent of Fourrier Holography at the Nanoscale," Experimental Mechanics, 2008.
  • C A Sciammarella, L Lamberti, C Pappalettere, G Volpicella, and F M Sciammarella “Measurement of deflections experienced by electronic chips during soldering,” Journal of Strain Analysis, Vol 41, No. 8, 2006.
  • Malin V., Sciammarella F.M., “Controlling Heat Input by Measuring Net Power,” Welding Journal, pp. 44-50, July 2006.
  • Yelistratov A., Sciammarella F.M., “Laser Surfacing with Wire Feeding,” Welding Journal, December 2005.

Work Experience

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIU (2007-present)
  • Competency Area Manager, Laser Materials Processing Group, National Laser Centre, CSIR, South Africa (2011)
  • Research Engineer, Alion Science & Technology, Chicago (2003-2007)
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Materials & Mechanical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology (1998-2003)

Federico Sciammarella


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