CEET Graduates’ Employment Trends

  • 75%-83% of CEET graduates work in Illinois after graduation.
  • 88% of NIU CEET graduates (baccalaureate and advanced-degree earners) reporting full-time employment in Illinois post-graduation.


  • Data from full-time positions were considered; part-time positions were excluded.
  • Full-time employment data were reported from 216 NIU CEET graduates (baccalaureate and advanced- degree earners, 2003 – 2019).
  • Only 191 of the 216 reported a state location for their first employment post-graduation; 25 respondents did not provide a state or location for their employment.
  • 168 of the 191 (88%) reported employment in Illinois.

Based on NIU data reported to the State (2018), 74.7% of NIU graduates who began working in Illinois still resided in Illinois three years’ post-graduation. Source: Illinois College2Career