Technology Internship Requirements TECH 409/609

Internships are for a learning experience and not for credit for a full time job you already have.


  • Junior standing and consent of major advisor and supervision instructor.
  • A minimum of eight 40-hour work weeks or 320 work hours total is required for 3 semester hours of credit.

All students participating in the Internship Program must do the following:

  1. Complete Student Employment Record Form. It MUST include your phone number where you can be reached during work and non-work hours. If you have not previously completed the form for this semester, you must do so in order to receive credit.  
                        Department of Technology Office
                        Still Gym 203 DeKalb, IL 60115
  2. Complete the attached form and take to your advisor so they can review internship details and approve.
  3. CREDIT HOURS: You are required to enroll in TECH 409/609 for the semester you are participating in the internship. TECH 409/609 is a 3 credit hour course.
  4. EARNING A GRADE Your grade will be based upon the following:
    • Keep a daily log of your activities, along with any personal comments. Mail this to your instructor every week so that the instructor has it by Monday of the following week.
    • Your instructor will visit you at least twice, and will attempt to set up the visit at least one day in advance.
    • Turn in a written report at the end of the internship that will include:
      • A detailed analysis of the department that you work in.
      • An analysis of how that department relates to other departments to jointly meet company goals.
      • How this particular experience will assist your educational experience.
      • A Typical Report Could Include the Following:
        • I. Introduction:
          • Company Background
          • Product Line
          • Company Goals and Objectives
          • Competitors
      • II. Body
        • Department Directly Associated With
        • Other Departments Affected
        • Department Operations
        • Special Projects (detailed analysis from planning stage; research; testing; prototype; testing; and uses).
        • Problems and Solutions (state examples encountered).
        • Company Politics/Norms/Cultures/etc.
      • III. Conclusion
        • Describe the academic preparation that you have had that assisted you in solving problems and adapting to your job (state examples).
        • State previous work experience that assisted you n your work.
        • Future with company.
        • State if the work experience would help in your area of interest.
        • Any additional comments.

Every previous point mention is justified by stating examples. The report will be typed and double-spaced. You may include brochures, drawings, programs, etc., with the report that will be turned in a letter size file folder. Please feel free to contact your instructor regarding any and all questions, problems, etc., regarding the internship experienceby reaching out to your instructor's office or contact the Department of Technology office at 815-753-1349.

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