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ETAS Paw AwardEngineering Excellence Award  

The Engineering Excellence Award is sponsored by the Engineering and Technology Alumni Society (ETAS). Each semester, graduates of the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology are required to complete a senior capstone project. The capstone project, typically completed in teams, offers the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained in classes and labs to a real-life application of product design, system solution, or process improvement.

On the last day of the fall and spring semesters, senior students present their projects. They create an informational display board and give a presentation explaining their project to judges from academia, industry, and ETAS. At the end of the day, ETAS judges confer and choose one project they judge to be the best in the College. Each team member of the winning project group is rewarded with $100 and a trophy from ETAS.

ETAS Annual Scholarship Award  

The Engineering and Engineering Technology Alumni Society recognizes students who achieve a balance between academic achievement, work history, and extracurricular activities. Each year, two scholarships are awarded to students who exhibit a strong presence in each of these categories. Eligible students are enrolled for at least 12 semester hours as a major in the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology and are judged based on GPA, extra-curricular activities and community involvement, among other criteria.

History of the ETAS Scholarship Award 

Since 1995, the endowment has been funded solely by donations from alumni and returns from the Job Fair. Individual donations, as well as corporate sponsorship, are appreciated and welcome in any amount.

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