Accounts Receivable Student Organization and Officers Policies and Procedures

Section I. Accounts Receivable (AR) Student Organizations Policies & Procedures

  1. Outstanding balances from prior terms must be paid in full.

  2. The organization must not be funded by the Student Association (SA).

  3. The student organization must be approved by the SA Office and its current status updated in Huskie Link.

  4. Two officers from the student organization are required to establish an AR account and must be updated on the Huskie Link officer roster. Only the two officers listed as Accounts Receivable Officers (AR Officers) will be authorized to charge on the account.

  5. Two listed officers must each submit an Accounts Receivable Authorization form at and be approved as Accounts Receivable Officers (AR Officers) before any charges may be incurred.

  6. Upon AR Office approval, the AR Officers will receive an AR Officer Authorization Approval Letter. The AR Officers must present their photo ID along with their AR Officer Authorization Approval Letter to departments when reserving rooms or services.

  7. The Accounts Receivable Authorization form must be updated each semester or if there is a change in officers during the semester.

  8. An “AR Hold” will be listed on Huskie Link with your organizations name at the end of the semester (if there is a balance owing) or if there is a change in officers, before the organization expires.


Section II. Accounts Receivable Officers Responsibility Agreement

Upon receiving AR Office approval to be an AR Officer, the approved AR Officer reads and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The approved AR Officer personally agrees to be responsible for payment of all charges against the account.

  2. The approved AR Officer acknowledges that their organization is recognized and approved by the Student Association and all officer information is maintained and up-to-date within Huskie Link.

  3. The approved AR Officer acknowledges that their student organization is NOT receiving funding by the Student Association.

  4. The approved AR Officer acknowledges that only student organization officers who are approved as Accounts Receivable (AR) officers are authorized to charge on the account.

  5. The approved AR Officer understands that the authorization form must be updated every semester OR when there is a change of officers, whichever comes first.

  6. The approved AR Officer understands that for their protection, it is the policy of the Accounts Receivable Office to not give out their AR customer number over the phone to anyone.

  7. The approved AR Officer understands and agrees that all charges billed through Accounts Receivable can be paid either by cash, check, money order, or online. If there exists any discrepancies in their billing, it is their responsibility to protest the charges.

  8. The approved AR Officer understands and agrees that in the event that an AR customer account reaches 30 days old, the AR customer account will be placed on a Hot List that is distributed campus-wide to prevent the organization from incurring further charges on their account.

  9. The approved AR Officer understands that when an organization is placed on the Hot List, both AR officers will have a hold placed on their Bursar Account. A student may not register for classes or get copies of transcripts during the time.

  10. The approved AR Officer understands that the AR Office's policy is to only discuss information about the organization's account to the AR officers that are on the officer roster and the faculty advisor. If the AR officers should default on the bill, it may be necessary to discuss the account with other interested parties in order to get the invoice/bill paid.

  11. The approved AR Officer agrees that by completing an Accounts Receivable Authorization form, they are requesting permission to serve as an Accounts Receivable (AR) Officer for their organization. AR officers have the ability to incur charges by NIU departments for the purpose of planning campus events. Organizations with an AR account must have two AR officers for their organization.


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