Journal of Burma Studies

Volume 15.1, 2011

Articles (PDF)

Julian Schober 
"Where to Begin? A Brief Intellectual Biography of F.K. Lehman (F.K.L. U Chit Hlaing)" (Abstract)

Ann Maxwell Hill 
"No Country for Middlemen:  Three Sketches of Conflict on the Xiao Liangshan Frontier" (Abstract)

Penny Van Esterik 
"Genealogies of Nurture: Of Pots and Professors" (Abstract)

Juliane Schober 
"The Legacy of F.K. Lehman (F.K.L. U Chit Hlaing) for the Study of Religion and the Secular in Burma" (Abstract)

Guillaume Rozenberg
"The Saint Who Did Not Want to Die: The Multiple Deaths of an Immortal Burmese Holy Man" (Abstract)

John Hillman 
"Capitalism and the Development of the Tin Industry in Burma" (Abstract)

Bob Hudson 
"Scholarly Curiosities A Royal Collection of Bronze Model Boats and Soldiers from Eighteenth-Century Burma" (Abstract)

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