Journal of Burma Studies

Volume 14, 2010


Ian Brown
"Death and Disease in the Prisons of Colonial Burma" (Abstract)


Penny Edwards 
"Bitter Pills:  Colonialism Medicine and Nationalism in Burma, 1870-1940" (Abstract)


Chie Ikeya 
"The Scientific and Hygienic Housewife-and-Mother:  Education, Consumption and the Discourse of Domesticity" (Abstract)


Atsuko Naono 
"Inoculators, the Indigenous Obstacle to Vaccination in Colonial Burma" (Abstract)


Mandy Sadan
"Syphilis and the Kachin Regeneration Campaign, 1937-38" (Abstract)


Maitrii Aung-Thwin 
"Healing, Rebellion, and the Law: Ethnologies of Medicine in Colonial Burma, 1928-1932" (Abstract)


Guillaume Rozenberg 
"The Alchemist and His Ball" (Abstract)


Christian Lammerts 
"Notes on Burmese Manuscripts:  Text and Images" (Abstract)


Catherine Raymond 
"The Seven Weeks:  A 19th-Century Burmese Palm-Leaf Manuscript" (Abstract)

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