Journal of Burma Studies

Volume 9


Anna Allott
"Professor U Pe Maung Tin (1888-1973): The Life and Work of an Outstanding Burmese Scholar" (Abstract)

Alan Saw U
"Professor U Pe Maung Tin: A Gentle Genius, A Meek Master" (Abstract)

Denise Bernot
"U Pe Maung Tin — Researcher, Scholar, Pedagogue: His Contribution to Burmese Studies in France" (Abstract)

U Tun Aung Chain
"Glass Palace Revisited" (Abstract)

Tilman Frasch

"Notes on Dipavamsa: An Early Publication by U Pe Maung Tin" (Abstract)

Jacques P. Leider
"Text, Lineage, and Tradition in Burma: The Struggle for Norms and Religious Legitimacy Under King," Bodawphaya (1782-1819) (Abstract)

Patricia M. Herbert
"U Pe Maung Tin Bibliography" (Abstract)

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