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sculpture WOOD CARVING
Mandalay Period, 19th Century
Carved wood red lacquered and gilded with mirror inlay
h. 87 cm., w. 47 cm.
Gift of Konrad and Sarah Bekker, 1987

Kneeling NAT, carved wood, lacquered and gilded architectural detail. Carved wood wall or altar piece. Intricately intertwining foliage design with nats along the dexter side of panels. There seem to be two separate panels, which were broken away from larger altar. Now broken there are four separate pieces. One panel contains three seated nats with hands in the attitude of prayer the other panel contains two nats. Here is red and clear inlay on the phalanges at the sides’ of the nats heads and on the extensions from their arms and on bracelets. Clear and red colored inlay on some of the strands of foliage v1hile other strands are only gilded. Backside is not gilded and finished in red lacquer.