sculpture sculpture sculpture
sculpture BURMESE NAT
Carved teak wood
h. 76 cm., w. 20 cm.
Gift of Konrad and Sarah Bekker, 1987

Wooden image of man standing with cane. His legs are crossed at the shins, dexter toes touching top of sinister foot with his weight shifted to the dexter side. Cloth wrapped around waist and loins and hangs down further on dexter thigh. Wears vest and flanged garment around neck and shoulders. Also cuffs on wrists. Barefoot. Wears tiered cap tilted back on baldhead. Mustache and smile. Large belly. The ground he is standing on is uneven as if standing on a hill. The base and figure are not carved on the backside. Back is flat. Wood is held together with nails it, which are visible. There are faint traces of coloring. Seams are clearly visible. Seams running through figure vertically and from side to side are beginning to separate. Seams run through face, through the stomach and loincloth and through dexter elbow, which also extends beyond the backside. Also seam at dexter knee. Figure is carved from same piece of wood that makes up a base. This piece of wood is set in a more recent base made four pieces of sanded wood.