sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture
Carved wood, lacquered, gilded with mirror inlay
h. 8 13/16 in., w. 3 7/16 in., d. 3 1/16 in.
Gift of Konrad and Sarah Bekker, 1986

Gold and black figure with green, red and silver mirror 'inlay wearing royal attire and crown. Seated in 'bhumisparsa mudra’ Hands large. Dexter hand distorted with fingers almost equal in length and thumb enlarged. Sinister hand resting in lap and is oddly separated into two parts (?). Dexter sole faces up. Silver, red and green mirror inlayed crown is elaborate with a touch of red lacquer. Wing-like extensions behind the ears. Back of crown and figure are modeled but not inlayed. Inlayed flower motif in front center of crown and on earlobes, which are long and touch the shoulders. Thick neck with three wrinkles. Facial features are not well articulated. Shows Northern Thai influence. Lopsidedness especially in face and crown. Very elaborate costume with intricate red, silver and green inlay, modeled designs and epaulets at the shoulders, elbows and knees. Top of base is tilted forward. Base is waisted with red lacquer over black. Triangular shaped base has tiers and waist defined only on front side of base; two backsides are flat and have black lacquer only.