sculpture sculpture sculpture
sculpture sculpture
sculpture BUDDHA
Burma/Myanmar, 18th Century
Carved wood with black lacquer and traces of gold leaf on the face
h. 14 3/8 in., w. 4 7/8 in., d. 3 1/8 in.
Gift of Konrad and Sarah Bekker, 1986

Black seated image in 'bhumisparsa mudra' Fingers of both hands equal in length. Dexter hand resting on three flaps of cloth on front of dexter leg near knee. Fingernails are carved in. Sinister hand touches dexter heel and a plug above sinister heel. Dexter leg over sinister with both soles facing upwards. Top of the smooth bulb-like finial is broken off. Small hair nodules cover head and usnisa, which is not clearly defined, curving up to the finial. Wide band confines hair around entire head. Details of ears are carved; ear lobes curve outward slightly, resting on the shoulders. Face is squarish. Nose is wide. There are three wrinkles on the neck. Puffiness in chest, arms and legs. Shoulder flap is simple and flat with a double edge. Flap runs down the sinister side of the chest ending under the hand. Flap runs straight down the backside as well, ending under the buttocks. Multi-tiered base has decorative cusps and a short narrow waist. Front bottom tier of base is made separately for the insertion of relics. Relic chamber also in back. Top of base is flat.