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sculpture SHAN BUDDHA
Mandalay Period, 19th Century
Carved wood lacquered and gilded

h. 11 3/16 in., w. 3 3/8 in., d. 3 3/16 in.
Gift of Konrad and Sarah Bekker, 1986

Shan wooden image, Hopong type, earth touching, lacquered and gilded, waisted base, back hollow for relic. Gilded figure is seated in 'vajraparyanka' with the right foot over the left and both soles flat and facing upwards and forward. In 'bhumisparsa mudra' with dexter hand on shin and sinister resting flat in lap. Fingers are elongated. Figure is tilted forward by base. Top of smooth finial is broken. No 'usnisa'. Hair consists of raised bumps contained by a wide band with three lines in front and narrow disjointed band around the backside of the head. Majority of the features and decoration is engraved. Ears rest on the shoulders curving outwards. Lips are red and protrude. Three wrinkles for eyebrows. Three wrinkles on the front of neck only. Dexter shoulder is bare, in open mode. Robe is elaborately carved with a double flap that runs down the front sinister side of the torso into the lap and down II the sinister arm without appearing to connect to anything on the shoulder, no flap on back. The top of the robe, which runs across the chest horizontally, has four incised horizontal lines. The hem of the robe is decorated in the same fashion. The waisted base is impressed with abstract designs on the top and bottom tiers then gilded. The central tier is simply painted with red lacquer.