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sculpture SHAN BUDDHA
Wooden, crowned lacquered and gilded, wearing jewelry

h. 14 15/16 in., w. 6 7/8 in., d. 3 7/16 in.
Gift of Konrad and Sarah Bekker, 1986

Primitive Shan wooden image, crowned and wearing jewelry, earth touching, lacquered and gilded, with high waisted base in red lacquer. Inscription on back, separate high finial. Figure is seated with dexter leg crossed on top. 'Vajraparyanka'or 'virisana'? Sinister foot oddly positioned. In 'bhumisparsa mudra: Fingers on both hands are elongated and of equal length, resting against body. Plane of the hands does not form smooth transition into hand. Tall crown with separate high finial. Eight petals in the crown and band around head has zigzag motif carved on front side only. Above the almost triangular ear which touch the shoulders there is a wooden plug inserted into a hole in the side of the head where the ear decoration has broken off. Lips are red and protrude. Eyes are narrow slits. Three wrinkles carved on the neck. Wearing robe and elaborate jewelry around neck. Epaulets on elbows. Carved folds of robe extend over the lap beginning under the sinister hand and spill onto the base, in uneven curving lines. Large red lacquered base is high waisted and has inscription on the back. The waisted base is not carved in the round but is carved as if in high relief with a flat background on the base only. Top of the base is flat. The base is tiered with the bottom tier being very tall.