sculpture sculpture sculpture sculpture
Gilded with mirror inlay

h. 13 13/16 in., w. 6 1/2 in., d. 3 15/16 in.
Gift of Konrad and Sarah Bekker, 1986

Figure is gilded and inlayed with blue, green and red inlay. Seated with dexter leg over the sinister with soles of both feet facing up in 'vajraparyanka’ In 'bhumisparsa mudra' or earth touching gesture, with sinister hand resting flat in the lap palm upwards. Fingers are elongated. Head is tilted forward. Raised bumps of the hair cover a large 'usnisa.’ Wide band across forehead has red inlay design. Eyes and eyebrows modeled and painted in. Large nose. Ears rest on the shoulders. The dexter shoulder is bare in the open mode. The edges of the robe are decorated with green inlay. The sinister shoulder flap is elaborately folded, the end resting on the wrist of the sinister arm and is reminiscent of Mandalay elegance. The folds are inlayed and elaborate as they extend from the lap onto the base. The base is heavy as if containing relics. Elaborate throne-like base with blue, green and red inlayed designs both abstract and floral designs. The mid-section is narrow and short.