Silver Cigarette Box

h. 3 3/4 in., w. 2 1/4 in.

Gift of Helen Trager, 2004

Small cylindrical silver box with lid containing narrative scenes in repousse.

Lower Part: It contains pictorial scenes in repousse work, outlined by cusped arches of plain polished silver. Each of the scenes is set up as a individual medallion separated from one another by spandrels of foliage. Each medallion features an outdoor scene where two characters are interacting. The rim of the cylinder is plain bounded by 2 lines, followed by a band of stylized upside down lotus petals.

The decoration below the main narrative contains a broad band of lotus petals.)

Lid: The rim of the lid is decorated with 2 dotted lines spanning the diameter of the work. The top contains an outer ring made of dotte liens and lotus petals. The center contains a Chinte in repousse. (Interesting for research).

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