manuscripts manuscripts
Paper, gold, gilded, silver and red mirror inlay
h. 3 1/8 in.
w. 5 in.
l. 20 3/4 in.

Gift of Konrad and
Sarah Bekker, 1986

Parabaik. Shan Sermon Book. 1266 (i.e. 1904) Notes on various aspects of Buddhism. Written in Nissaya (bi-lingual) Pali-Shan (Burmese script). 266 Folds.

Gold rectangular boards decorated on one side with silver and red mirror inlay and relief bands. A raised double border separates two strips of decorative motifs. The inner most strip of decoration consists of simple floral motifs in inlay and the outermost of a row of silver inlay interspersed with red mirror inlayed circles. Same design repeated on both covers. Edges of paper are gilded. Sheets of paper are left plain with Tai Yuan letters in red and black ink (?). Pages attached to one another in continuous folds accordion-style.