lacquerware lacquerware
lacquerware lacquerware
lacquerware BIRD CONTAINER
Lacquered, gold
h. 3 in., w. 4 1/4 in.

Gift of Helen Trager, 2004
Round black and gold lacquered container in the shape of a bird.Inside: Glossy black lacquered (cracked). Lower part (outside): Has a rim at the bottom. The exterior along the top of the lower part contains a frieze of feather-like pattern. Upper part (outside): Contains a design representing the shape of a bird including 2 wings, a tail and the head. The wings are outlined with a low relief of Thayo décor, while the tail is filled in low relief in the shape of a triangle. The relief areas are outlined with black lacquer. The head was applied in high relief lacquer, with the eyes and beak represented in low relief. (see Isaacs and & Blurton for technique description). (For black and gold decoration method see Shwe Zawa, 2000.38).