Journeys to Keng Tung

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March 9th

March 9th.— Met a Moulmein Burman, who has been here three years; talks a little Hindustani and a little English, and is trying to work a forest on the Salwin, eight days’ march from here. He gives the Shans of this part a bad name, the law being lightly regarded, and life little respected. With him I called on the uncle of the Prince (the Prince being away), a nice merry old gentleman, who was very much surprised to see me. Only once did things lookunpleasant. He was making copious notes about me, my name, occupation, &c., when he suddenly asked, “Did I belong to the lot who were fighting the Shans between this and Mandalay?” The Burman answered “Oh dear no; this is a gentleman who is travelling all over the world. He came in a ship.

Moulmein, and when he gets to Bangkok, he gets into another ship and go to some other country.” The old gentleman, who did not look at all a nice old gentleman when he asked the question, became all smiles and good humor and gave me a house to live in: a rather imposing-looking brick and plaster building, viewed from without. Within, it is like a rather inferior Indian stable.

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