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March 3rd

March 3rd.—Marched 16 miles to Hai Tuk (Muang Hai). The descent was continued, being much the same as the ascent yesterday, but not so difficult, and the stream followed was very small.

At 6 miles the Me Oon river was crossed, a fine rapid stream, 150 yards wide and 2 1/2 feet deep, flowing over gravel and boulders, to the east. The water was very cold and clear. Onwards the descent was very slight, with occasional steep banks, up and down, which a made road could avoid.

The forest was very thick, there being only one small space for camping on the Me Oon, and one at 13 miles, where we halted.

Thence to Hai Tuk, nearly level, the hills opening out gradually and the forest thinning. There are several small streams, but no villages en route. Hai Tuk is a small Shan village, surrounded by extensive paddy-fields, situated on the river Hok, a fine stream, 100 feet wide and 3 feet deep, flowing south.

To the west, half a mile, is the village of Namoi on the road. Supplies, such as cows, pigs, poultry and rice, are obtainable to a moderate extent.

The valley is 2 miles broad here. Forage is scarce between Me Tsai and Hai Tuk. There is camping ground for a large force at both places,but not between a distance of 32 1/2 miles. Aneroid 29.1 1/4. Next Entry