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March 21st

March 21st.—The following description of the route from Kiang Tung to Kiang Hung was furnished by a Yunnan in our caravan. (1) Maung Ting: along level paddy, down the Kiang Tung valley, parallel to the Me Chim river. (2) Taping: crossing the Mankang mountain, about equal in size to Louai Chang, and covered with forest. Taping is situated on the river of the same name, flowing east. The Me Chim river is a tributary of it. (3) Muang Ma: mostly level, crossing one small hill about half-way. (4) Talaw: level the whole way, mostly paddy; it is situated on the Talaw river about equal in size to the Sup Nuim river (Taping river is larger). (5) Muang Khang: crossing two or three small hills, jungle and forest. (6) Muang Hung: crossing four high hills, the highest as high as Louai Chang. (7) Nanoung Lang: crossing a small hill; the rest level paddy. (8) Kosai: crossing low hills. (9) Kiang Hung: level paddy, the whole march. Next Entry