March 1st

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March 1st

March 1st.—From Me Kham to Me Tsai, 19 1/2 miles. The whole way through level forest, mostly thick and high, with occasional strips of open forest with high-reed grass. A line of low hills, with rugged peaks, runs parallel to the road all day, generally about a mile distant to the west. To east and south is a broad plain with low hills, 10 miles off, and higher ones further north, 20 miles.

Several good, strong running streams are crossed, and at 10 1/2 miles ford the Me Thorn river, 50 feet broad and 2 feet deep, running east. On its left bank is a village of the same name, with cultivation and a good large camping ground.

At 19 1/2 miles is the Me Tsai river, 90 feet broad and 2 feet deep, with a gravelly bottom at the ford, and a very strong current running south-east. The village of Me Tsai is situated on the south bank. Supplies are procurable to a moderate extent, though, no doubt, the plain to the east contains many villages which between them could furnish large supplies. There were signs of the forest being worked between the two rivers.

I believe this river is the new boundary claimed by Siam. I have marked the claim in the map. Next Entry