Journeys to Keng Tung

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March 13th

March 13th.—Visited Judge No. 1. It appears that Muang Yu and Muang Long are fighting over a boundary dispute; the war has lasted so far four months, and the road is closed for traders. So that settles my hash. I must go back to Kiang Hai, and from thence across to Kiangtsen (“Muang shin”, these people call it). The road to Kiang Hung is easy, i.e., I take it, not more difficult than the road from Kianghai to Kiang Tung. It takes the Yunnans six days (about 120 miles), passing en route Talaw, Muang Pang, Muang Hung, Nanoung Lang, and Kasai.

Kiang Hung to Kiangtsen.—By road 11 days (220 miles) from Kiang Hung to Kiangtsen, passing Muang Long, Muang Yu, Muang Yong, and Muang Lim.

There is no river route, the river being unnavigable till about 50 miles above Kiangtsen. There is no direct route from Kiang Tung to Kiangtsen. Came across a Hindu, said to have been a servant of Margery’s, who was killed up this way. He lived in great style at first, had lots of money, married a Shan woman—all with Margery’s money probably. He is now poor, and his wife keeps him by selling cigarettes. He wants to come along with me.

It may be remarked of the whole country that what supplies there are in the shape of cattle can be easily captured. There is no pasturage in the hills, and the cattle are all cows and pigs; no sheep or goats. Next Entry