Anne Britt, Ph.D.

Cognitive and Instructional Psychology

Anne Britt

I do really cool research about how people comprehend, evaluate and write arguments. In earlier work, our research team found significant deficits in college students’ ability to comprehend, evaluate, and produce arguments. The source of these deficits was traced, and three tutorials were developed that provide instruction and practice to improve these argument skills. Each tutorial has been shown to be effective in overcoming particular deficits.

In our current project we are developing computer-based instructional modules to improve their argument comprehension and production skills. These modules will be available online as stand-alone lessons and as a course presented in the context of a simple role playing game.

In collaboration with Charles Perfetti, Gareth Gabrys, and Mara Georgi, I developed a java application, the Sourcer's Apprentice, to train high-school students to better attend to source information in citation.
Short demo of the Sourcer's Apprentice.