About BORAM - NIU - Boron in the Americas


A Message from the Inaugural Chairman

Prof. Sheldon ShoreThe Boron USA Workshops (BUSA) organization was established in 1988. It is the "brain child" of Narayan Hosmane. He and Bob Brotherton from U. S. Borax were the prime movers in the initial phases of establishing BUSA. Narayan did most of the legwork; Bob provided advice and financial support from U. S. Borax; and Tom Fehlner proposed the name BUSA. When Douglas Cooper of Callery Chemical Company and Bernie Spielvogel of Boron Biologicals were informed of BUSA, they and their organizations were enthusiastic and provided much needed financial support for the program.

The intent of BUSA is two‐fold. First it provides a forum for scientists whose interests and studies involve boron and its compounds. Thereby providing opportunities for cross fertilization of ideas and techniques into areas of boron science which previously were unaware of. Secondly, and most importantly, BUSA provides an opportunity for students and postdoctoral researchers to present their work and to interact with faculty and industrial representatives in a much less formal but more intimate atmosphere than might be found at large meetings. BUSA is proud of the fact that due to support of industry, student and postdoctoral researchers receive significant financial aid in defraying some of their expenses.

The first BUSA meeting was held in Dallas, Texas in 1988. Southern Methodist University was the host institution and Narayan Hosmane was the Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee. At that first meeting there were 58 oral presentations and 19 posters. The meeting was a resounding success.

At BUSA II, which was held in Durham, North Carolina with Bernie Speilvogel as Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee, representatives from "south of the border" participated. A contingent from Mexico headed by Rosalinda Contreras and Angelina Flores–Parra made significant contributions to that meeting. Since then this group has faithfully contributed to BUSA, including hosting BUSA V in Mexico.

At BUSA VII, held in Pittsburgh with Joseph Corella and Joseph Barendt of the Callery Chemical Company as Chairmen of the Local Organizing Committee, we voted to change our name to Boron in the Americas, to reflect the continuing and increasing contributions of our neighbors. At this meeting it was also clear that our organization is achieving international recognition, with contributors attending from Europe and Australia.

As we move into the 21st century, Boron in the Americas (BORAM) is now well established and there is every indication that it will continue to grow in stature.

– Prof. Sheldon Shore