Testing Blackboard Installs

Testing Blackboard Installs

Northern Illinois University hosts Blackboard Learn on-site, as opposed to Managed Hosting through Blackboard. We have a development server and a QA server and 4 production servers. The development server is used to test installations before upgrading the QA and production servers.

The testing included a comprehensive task list of nearly 400 Blackboard features to test covering all areas of our Blackboard installation, including courses, communities, and the Content System. The tasks are divided among staff of the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center and Information Technology Services. Each task is tested and the results are recorded in a shared database, including the operating system and browser used for testing, the expected results, the actual results, and whether or not that task was successful.

We began testing with Blackboard Learn 9.1 service pack 2 in September 2010, a full year prior to our upgrade. In late July and early August 2011, we quickly tested again before upgrading to service pack 6.


Last Updated: 4/11/2016