HTML Tags for Use in Blackboard

Tag Description
<html></html> Tags used at the beginning and end of every document
<head><title>docname.html</title></head> Start and ends document information: title of page. Does not show in browser.
<body></body> Starts and ends body of document. Documents have ONE body tag; all background and link color info. goes in this one tag. 
<BODY bgcolor="#ffffff"> for a solid white background 
<BODY background="beige.gif"> uses an image file for a background. As with any image reference, the image must be in the same directory as the HTML file.
<link="#xxxxxx"> Link color can be changed by placing these tags within the <BODY> tag, along with any background information.
<h1>Title of Document</h1>  Enlarges text and places space around it. Varies in size from H1 to H6, with each getting progressively smaller. 
<a href="http://...">text</a> Links text to a particular web document. (external link)
<a href="#textname">text</a> Works with a target or name tag to link to text within the same web page.(internal link)
<a name="textname">text</a> Target or name tag used for internal link.
<img src="https://www.../pix.gif"> Places the selected image in document. No ending tag needed.
<a href=""></a> Creates an email link 
<font size=+1>text</font> 
<font color="#ff00ff">text</font>
Enlarges text from +1 to +7 
Changes color of font between tags.
<hr /> Horizontal rule: places a line across page. No need for an end tag. Images may also be inserted as horizontal rules.
<br /> Line break
<p>paragraph text</p> Paragraph break. Double spaces before next text.
<center>text</center> Centers text horizontally
<strong>bold</strong> Makes text bold
<em>italic</em> Makes text italic
<ul><li></li></ul> Unordered, bulleted list. The <li>...</li> tags marks each bulleted item
<ol><li></li></ol> Ordered lists where list items <li>...</li> are numbered
<blockquote>text</blockquote> Indents text