New Process to Link eReserves Content in your Blackboard course

Posted: 2/3/2020

As of February 3, 2020, faculty who use eReserves will have to follow a different process to create a link to the eReserves content in their Blackboard courses. Existing links for the Spring 2020 semester will continue to work, and faculty will not need to update those links. This process only applies to creating a new link to the materials during or after the Spring 2020 semester.

Electronic Reserves, or eReserves, are managed by the NIU Library. Those resources can be made available to students via a link from within Blackboard or directly using a link provided by the library. In both cases, the resources will be password protected, in accordance with copyright requirements.

Going forward, students can automatically access the materials via your Blackboard course, once the Library has posted them. You no longer have to create a link to the materials. Students can access them within your Blackboard Course via Books & Tools (in Ultra Course View) or via Tools (in Original Course View).

You can create a link to make it easier for students to access the eReserves materials, as well. This allows students to access the materials more quickly, and, in Original Course View, allows students to access the materials even if you have hidden or removed the Tools link from your Course Menu.

Add an Optional Link in Ultra Course View

In the Details & Actions section to the left of the course, find the Books & Tools heading. Click the View course & institution tools link, then click the plus sign (+) next to eReserves. Once the link has been created, you can move it anywhere in your list of content as well as into a folder or module by clicking and dragging on the arrows on the right side of the link (the arrows appear when your cursor is over the link).

Add an Optional Link in Original Course View

Click the plus sign (+) at the top of the course menu. Click Tool Link from the menu. Type eReserves in the Name field. Open the Type drop down menu and choose eReserves from the list of tools. Click the Available to Users checkbox. Click the Submit button.

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