Students May Now Use a Preferred Name in Blackboard

Posted: 11/22/16

NIU students who choose to go by something other than their legal name are able to change their name on class rosters and Blackboard in a single step. Beginning Tuesday, November 15, 2016, NIU allows students to specify the name they would like to be known by in MyNIU. This name will be carried over to Blackboard.

Students will be able to make the change by logging in to MyNIU and editing their personal information. Within about 24 hours, the proper name will be the one seen on rosters in MyNIU and Blackboard. This will help faculty use the correct or preferred name for all students. It will also help students connect to one another when using the interactive tools in Blackboard, such as discussion boards or email.  

There are some cases in which a student’s legal name must still be used, such as admission documents, official transcripts, diplomas, reports for state and federal agencies, financial aid documents and employment records, to name a few. In order to change the name on official records and transcripts, a student would have to legally change their name and present a Social Security card and photo ID showing the new name to Registration and Records. Inappropriate use of the preferred name option, such as using it for misrepresentation or attempting to avoid a legal obligation, could lead to the name change being denied.

Read the full announcement on NIU Today for more information.