Blackboard Video Everywhere: Message regarding Google API Changes

Posted: 5/5/15, Updated 5/12/15

The Video Everywhere web-cam feature allows users to quickly record a video in the text box editors by connecting to YouTube accounts. Google/YouTube has recently changed the way that third-party apps (like Blackboard) interact with Google apps. Users attempting to record or post videos with Video Everywhere will receive an error that the Google Apps API has been deprecated.

In the meantime, the recommended approach is as follows:

Create the video in YouTube

  1. Log in to YouTube directly using the same account you use to log in to Video Everywhere
  2. Click the Upload button
  3. Next, in the Create area, select Web-cam Capture
  4. Record your video by selecting start recording, stop recording when you are finished
  5. Next, select Continue
  6. Change the name of the video or make other changes to edit, select Publish
  7. After the Publish is done, go to the Video Manager and click the video
  8. Once you are in the video settings, select the share area and choose the embed code, copy the embed code

Copy the YouTube video into your Blackboard Course

  1. In the area you wish your video to appear (Item, within a Text Editor), click on the html button.
  2. A new box will open up with code, pasted the embed code from YouTube, and click the Submit button
  3. You may want to also add the URL address to the content area as backup
  4. Click the Submit button to create or update the Item
  5. This is a temporary workaround to replace using Video Everywhere. If you have several videos to create, you may want to record them in YouTube and wait to add them to Blackboard until after the update has been completed. After the update you will be able to use Video Everywhere to browse for the video and embed it in the course.

This is a temporary workaround to replace using Video Everywhere.

Please contact Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center with questions or more detailed instructions, at or 815-753-0595.

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