Update to SafeAssign Originality Reports

Posted: 4/28/2014

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Blackboard released an update to SafeAssign on April 26, 2014, that establishes a new look and feel for the Originality Report. Because Blackboard maintains the SafeAssign servers, NIU had no control over the timing of this change. The general features of the plagiarism check and report have not changed, and the new report is cleaner and easier to read. In addition, this update resolved a few issues that users may have experienced.

The new Originality Report opens as a small pop-up window with the text of the submitted document visible. Click the ... button in the upper right to view the details about the plagiarism check, including percent matching and citations that may have been plagiarised, or resize the window wider to display the right column.

Scroll down to see examples of the new Originality Report. For more details on the new Originality Report to to www.niu.edu/blackboard/assess/safeassignreport.shtml

Examples of the New Originality Report

The new Originality Report is condensed to make grading easier. Click the ... button to view the details about the submission

SafeAssign Originality Report

The details side bar includes when the submission was made, what percentage was found to match other sources, and the sources that match content in the submission.

SafeAssign Originality Report Details

Alternatively, resize the window to make it wider so that the details side bar can display next to the text.

SafeAssign Originality Report Right Column

Content that matches one of the sources is highlighted and the source is identified by number. Click the highlighted content to view a comparison of the submitted text with the source text.

SafeAssign Originality Report Suspicious Content

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