Archiving a Course

Archiving a course creates a permanent record of the course including all of the content and user interactions and becomes useful in maintaining a record of a course after it has been taught.

If you only need to retain a copy of the course materials, such as files, Assignments, or Tests, and not the student records, you should create a course export instead of an archive.

While you can import a course export into any course yourself, you will need to contact the Division of IT to have an archive restored into Blackboard.

Screenshot highlighting the process to archive a course

Steps to create your course archive

  1. In the Control Panel of the course you wish to archive, click Packages and Utilities
  2. Click Export/Archive Course
  3. Click the Archive Course button in the toolbar
  4. You will need to wait for the archive to be processed. You should receive an email to your faculty/staff email address when it is ready
  5. Return to the Export/Archive Course page and click the link for the .zip package to download it to your computer

Including the Grade Center History can increase the file size and processing time. Similarly, selecting the option to include copies of the files outside of the default course directory (i.e., in the Content Collection) can greatly increase the file size.

Note:  It is important that to keep the archive package intact, i.e., not unzipped, or any files removed it; otherwise the package will not be imported correctly later on.

Once you have archived your course, you may want to store the .zip file in Microsoft OneDrive so that it is backed up and accessible to you from any computer. This is safer than storing it on your NIU or home computer.


Last updated: 10/21/2020