Controlling Access to Content

Adaptive Release is a content management feature that enables faculty to control which users within a course have access to course materials and when. Adaptive Release is especially useful when course content does not apply to all users in the course or when faculty members wish to create custom learning paths through course content and activities, displaying content to certain users for a limited period of time.

Screenshot showing how to access the Adaptive Release feature

To access Adaptive Release: Click the action link to the right of any content item, and select Adaptive Release from the menu.

The release of course content and activities to students can be customized to fit the needs or individual progress of students in the course, based upon:

  • Date and time
  • Username
  • Group membership
  • Grade Center item(s) completed
  • Grade Center item proficiency
  • Review status
  • Test Availability Exceptions
  • Any combination of the previous criteria


Last updated: 6/6/2017