I have several video files I would like to upload to a Blackboard course I teach. What is a best practice for doing this?

There are several issues to consider before uploading video content to an online course: video format, file size, destination, and copyright infringement.

We do not recommending uploading video directly to Blackboard. Video files are inherently large and require specialized servers to provide an optimal experience for students to view the videos. 

Instead of uploading the video file directly, we recommend using MEDIAL to post video files. MEDIAL videos can be public, private to only NIU faculty, staff, and students, or limited to only the students in your course. MEDIAL also optimizes the videos for streaming and mobile viewing. 

I have a video that I use in class for instructional purposes. It is ok to select segments that I want students view and use for an assigment and add just those segments to my Blackboard for the course? Or would this be a copyright infringement problem?

The issues surrounding copyright and material use within education are complex, with each individual instance unique. Faculty Members seeking to use small segments of copy written materials need to be aware of the acceptable instances for doing so. Several helpful resources include the article entitled, Copyright basics for the Academic Classroom by Rebecca P. Butler.

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Last Updated: 06/18/2019