Tests, Self-assessment

How do I set the option for a Blackboard test as a self-assessment?

Setting a test as a self-assessment, so that students can take a test for practice, protects student privacy by hiding results from the instructor, and prevents the self-assessment test scores from being used for grading. To set a test as a self-assessment, click on the round drop down arrow and choose Edit Test Options from the menu. Scroll down to the Self-assessment Options section and click the checkbox for Hide results for this test completely from the instructor and the Grade Center. This setting is not intended to be used for regular assessments and is designed for self-assessments.

With this setting selected, the results are completely hidden from the instructor and the Grade Center. However, a consequence of this option is that the instructor will not be able to see any student grades, view answers, aggregate results, or download result details. In addition, this choice cannot be reversed later by instructors without deleting all attempts. If this options was selected inadvertently, the instructor should contact the IT Service Desk at (815-753-8100) or ServiceDesk@niu.edu for assistance.

Last Updated: 02/26/2015