Students, Access to Blackboard

How long do students have access to my course?

Students will be able to access your course for as long as it is available. By default, all courses are made unavailable by an automatic process that runs 10 days after the end of a semester. If you make your course available again after this process, it will remain available to students and will not be made unavailable again.

How long after leaving the university do students have access to Blackboard?

Students have access to Blackboard after leaving the university according to the reason why they left. Keep in mind, though, that courses are made unavailable automatically 10 days after the end of the semester. However, students will be able to retrieve materials from their content collection, such as portfolios.

Students who graduate will have access to Blackboard for 400 days after graduation. Students who are dismissed will have access for 255 days. Students who formally withdraw will have access for 10 days.

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Last Updated: 05/05/2014