Students, Renaming

Is it possible for an instructor to change (or request a change of) a student's name in Blackboard?

All student names in Blackboard are synchronized to the official, legal name registered with the university through MyNIU. The student's name would have to be changed with the university before his/her name would be updated in Blackboard. Trans students may request a name change from the Service Desk815-753-8100 or

I tried finding a student in my course, but their name is now listed as "Not Available." What happened?

When students choose to enable FERPA protections, their names are omitted from public-facing systems such as the NIU directory. In Blackboard, there is an exception to allow courses to receive the student’s name from MyNIU, but this is only true if the student is currently enrolled. Once the student graduates or takes a semester off, their name will be set to "NOT AVAILABLE".

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Last Updated: 09/19/2016