Content Package (SCORM) FAQ

What is a SCORM Content Package?

SCORM stands for “Sharable Content Object Reference Model”. SCORM is a standard format that different authoring applications use to format content in such a way that the content can easily be imported into a learning management system, like Blackboard. A SCORM Content Package is a .zip file that contains content formatted in such a way that it can easily be imported into Blackboard. To learn more about SCORM, see

How can I add SCORM content to my Blackboard course?

To add a SCORM package to a Blackboard course, navigate to the course content area where you wish to deploy the content.  Ensure that Edit Mode is "On" and then follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Build Content" button
  2. Click "Content Package(SCORM)" link
  3. Click the "Browse My Computer" button Browse to locate the SCORM package file (.zip) and click the "Submit" button
  4. Give the Content Item a name and optionally set a description
  5. Set the Make SCORM Available Option to yes
  6. Set Number of Attempts
  7. Set the Grading SCORM to SCORM Completion
  8. Click the "Submit" button

The login ID and the password are the same for the Novell network and Blackboard. If you are unable to change your password or if the steps that DoIT has provided on its website do not work, please call IT Service Desk at 815-753-8100

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Last Updated: 05/04/2016