RSS Feeds

I would like to embed an RSS feed into a page in Blackboard. Is this possible?

Yes. While Blackboard currently does not automatically create, syndicate, or aggregate RSS feeds, it is possible to have the contents of one or more RSS feeds automatically appear within your course. Feed2JS is one free utility that allows for the contents of an XML file to be converted into javascript that can be embedded into Blackboard to display feed content.

Using Feed2JS simply copy & paste the URL of the XML file you'd like to post the contents of to Blackboard and then fellow the steps to generate the javascript code for your feed. Then, navigate to the location in the course where you'd like to have the contents of the feed displayed. Add a new item. Give the item a name and then in the HTML view of the text box, copy & paste the javascript generated by Feed2JS.

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Last Updated: 09/26/2007