Multiple Attempt Quiz Grade

A student sees a quiz grade as "!" when it's a calculated grade. Assigning an override grade does not display the grade. How do I make sure the student sees a grade and not "!" ?

If your quizzes have multiple attempts enabled, Blackboard Grade Center will always score that quiz based on the Score of Last Attempt (if you don't change that setting). If the student for some reason didn't finish his/her last attempt, both the Faculty Member and the student will see "!" or a lock instead of the score. So even though you expect to see the calculated grade for a calculated quiz, because the last attempt was not finished, Blackboard Grade Center didn't assign a grade.

To override the student grade where you see "!" or a lock if a quiz was a multiple attempt quiz, please first clear the attempt that was not finished. To clear an attempt:

  1. Go to the Grade Center
  2. Click the action link next to the lock or "!" icon
  3. Click the View Grade Details link in the menu
  4. Click the Clear Attempt button for the attempt that was not finished

If it was the student's only attempt, you will have to ask the student to resubmit the test. Sometimes students, instead of clicking the Submit button, choose the Save button inadvertently. Save will generate that lock, and the student will have to go back and finish the quiz by clicking Submit button.

For multiple attempt quizzes, the quiz can be graded on the: Grade of Last Attempt (default), Score of First Attempt, the Average of Attempt Grades, Highest Grade, or Lowest Grade. To change this setting:

  1. Go to the Grade Center
  2. Click the action link next to the name of the assessment (Quiz 2, for example)
  3. Click Edit Column Information
  4. Choose the option you want from the Score attempts using drop down menu and click the Submit button

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Last Updated: 05/03/2011