Links, Adding

How do I add a menu link to my course navigation menu?

To add a new menu link, you must be listed as an instructor in the course and have editing rights. With Edit Mode ON, click the "plus" sign located in the upper, left corner of the Course Menu.  From the menu select the type of menu link to appear (Content Area, Tool Link, Course Link, External Link, etc).  Give the link a name and check "Available to Users".  Click Submit. The menu link will automatically appear at the bottom of the Course Menu; you can drag and drop the link to a different location.

Do I have to use all the menu links Blackboard provides?

No.  In addition to being able to add links (see above), links can be deleted, renamed, and hidden. To do this, click the action link to the right of the menu link and choose from one of the options.   

See Customizing Your Course Menu.

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Last Updated: 06/09/2011