How do I add an image to an online quiz on BlackBoard?

When you create a test in Blackboard, click the Question Settings button on the Test Canvas (the page where you add questions) and place a checkmark next to Add Images, files and external links to questions. This option will allow you to embed an image in the question. You can also add images to the answer choices if you place a checkmark next to Add images, files, and external links to answers.

When you add a question, enter the text and then browse for the image file (click the Browse button next to File). Choose Display image within the page from the Action drop down menu. With this option, the image will be embedded right into the question. Or you can choose Create a link to this media file -- in this case Blackboard will not display the image, but will add a link for it that students will be able to click on.

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Last Updated: 04/27/2016