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Blackboard FAQ: Grades, Printing

I would like to print out a copy of my Grade Center. I can't seem to get the entire spreadsheet on a page -- even in landscape mode. How can I adjust it to print out?


The Printing Grades feature of Blackboard now allows you to print out a physical copy of the grades from the Grade Center. From the Control Panel, enter the Grade Center (select the Full Grade Center option). Then place your cursor over the Reports button; from the drop-down menu, select the Create Report option.

On the adjacent Create Report page, fill in the various options as needed. If you wish to preview the report, you can click Preview. If the report is ready to print, click Submit.

This will take you to the Print Report page. This is where you can see the report before it is printed. Once you are at the Print Report page, click File in the browser and then click Print.


Note: Individual pages in the Report cannot be selected for printing.

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Last Updated: 12/05/2016