Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Blackboard FAQ: Grades, Dropping Scores

How do I drop the lowest score(s) from a set of scores in my Blackboard Grade Center?

In order for a lowest score or scores to be dropped from a student's grades, you must create a Category in the Grade Center for the assessments that will be dropped. For more information on Grade Center Categories, please click here.

    1. From the Grade Center, edit or create a Total or Weighted Column. One of each is included by default in the Grade Center. To edit the column, click the round drop down arrow next to the column name and click on the Edit Column Information link
    2. In the Selected Columns section, select each category (predetermined by the faculty member) that will have assignments dropped and move to the Selected Columns box by clicking the bottom right-pointing arrow
    3. In the Selected Columns box, enter the number of grades to be dropped from that category
    4. Select the remaining assessments in the Columns to Select box and move to the right by clicking the top right-pointing arrow. Note: Do not include the columns associated with a selected category, as this will include the ponts twice in the Total calculation
    5. Click Submit when finished


Last Updated: 12/05/2016