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Blackboard FAQ: Grades, Curving

I need to put mid term scores in for my online course. The exam was worth 100 points, but I have decided to curve it. How should I deal with this in the Grade Center? It is valued at 100 points but now I am suggesting the top score should be 90 as only 1 person scored in the 80's.


Assuming the new top score is now 90, keep the total points for the exam at 100; however, add a bonus 10 points to each student’s score in the Grade Center for the exam. For example, if the highest score on the test was an 80, by adding 10 points, that score now becomes 90 – likewise, everyone else’s score for that exam also increases by the bonus 10 points.  In this way, you are effectively curving all the exam scores upward by 10 points.


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Last Updated: 12/05/2016