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Blackboard FAQ: Grades, Student Access

How can I give my students access to view their grades?

You can give students access to view (or, if necessary, restrict their access) to their grades by doing the following:

1.      From the Control Panel, enter the Grade Center (select the Full Grade Center option).

2.      For the item (an assignment or a quiz/test) that you want to give your students access to, go to its column and click the action link (the double downward pointing arrows) next to the column name.

3.      From the drop-down menu, click Edit Column Information

4.      On the adjacent page, scroll down to Options, select Yes for Show this Column to Students (or select No, if you want to restrict access)

5.      Click the Submit button.

Note: You may find it helpful to hide a column while you are working on grading an assignment or a quiz/test and then give access to the column when grading is completed.

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Last Updated: 12/05/2016