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Blackboard FAQ: Grade Center, Setting Up

I'm trying to figure out how to best set up my Grade Center in Blackboard. In my class, all regular assigments are worth 40% of the students' grades and then tests and quizzes are 60%. Then, of course, I have extra credit for both types, i.e., assignment e.c. and test e.c. Any suggestions on how to set this up?


To start the process, group “categories” of assignments together that you want to weight as a certain percentage of a final grade. For example, if you have 6 quizzes spread out over the semester that are cumulatively worth 30% of a students’ grade, you should categorize all 6 of those items the same way.

At the beginning of the semester, you can create different categories by going to the Control Panel and entering the Grade Center.  Then select the Full Grade Center option; on the adjacent page, place the cursor over the Manage button. From the drop-down menu, click on Categories. On the next page, click the Create Categories button. Then type in the information as required.

Note: To weight grades, you will need to have all the categories set up in the Grade Center and you must make sure that all the categories collectively add up to 100%.

From the Control Panel, enter the Grade Center by selecting Full Grade Center; then put the cursor over Create Calculated Column and then from the drop-down menu, click on Weighted Column.

On the adjacent page, scroll down to the Select Columns section; then select the category from the Categories to Select box that you want to include in your weighted grade calculations (Warning: do not select any items from the Columns to Select box during this procedure). For selecting multiple categories at the same time, hold down the Control button and select all the categories that you are interested in.

Then click the sideward-pointing arrow button to move the categories over to the Selected Columns box. In the Selected Columns box, fill in the percentages and any other conditions (such as “Drop the 2 lowest grades”) that you consider necessary for each category.

Remember: Percentages for the various categories must add up to 100% of the total grade for the grade calculations to come out correctly. For extra credit assignments, please click the Extra Credit Assignment link on the main FAQ page.


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Last Updated: 12/02/2016