Blackboard Drive

When I try to use Blackboard Drive to access the Content Collection, some folders give the error "Location is not available". How do I fix this?

This is usually the result of special characters being included in the name of the folder, such as . / ? : < > \ * | "

For example, these folder names may result in an error:

  • M.S. Candidates (because of the . )
  • 2014/2015 Resources (because of the / )
  • Getting Started: Introduction to the system (because of the : )

If any of these characters are included in the file name, Windows may not be able to access that folder. Log into Blackboard from your web browser and access the Content Collection, then change the name of the folder to remove the character(s). If you do not have permissions to change the name of the folder, contact the person who created the folder and ask that they change the name of the folder for you.

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Last Updated: 07/29/2014