Cross-listed Courses

I am teaching a course that is cross-listed with another class. I created a Blackboard course for only one of them. How can students from my other cross-listed course have access to my Blackboard section?

Multiple courses, including those with different course numbers, like dual-level and cross-listed courses, can be combined into a single Master Course in Blackboard.

Please refer to this page on how to request a master course: You can select the course sections that you would like to combine into the master course and designate one of those sections to be the master course. Requests for Master Courses are completed by the end of the next business day. Student rosters from the Registration and Records database will be automatically populated into the master section from all related sections. Drops and additions will be automatically maintained in the master section with daily feeds from the Registration and Records database (on business days). At the end of the semester, the Grade Submission Tool will be able to sort students into the appropriate sections and automatically submit grades in MyNIU.

All sections will appear in your Blackboard course list, even after combining into a Master Course. However, you only need to add content to the master section and make only the master section available to students.

Can the Grade Submission tool be used to submit final grades for a master course in Blackboard of cross-listed courses?

Yes. The grade submission tool will allow you to export grades for all combined sections as long as you are the instructor of record of every section.

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Last Updated: 11/22/2016